05 Dec 2012, 22:16

Web Giants patterns

Octo, a French consulting company, published on their blog (in Frenh) a series about patternes used by Web Giants (Google, Amazon, etc). Patterns are about organisation, methodology, development and technology. So it not only concerns IT department but can also interest business ones

A few examples :

  • Minimum Viable Product
  • Reccurent Beta
  • Feature flipping
  • Hardware commodity
  • Features teams - see also how it works at Spotify
  • NoSQL data bases
  • DevOps
  • Build vs Buy
  • Pizza teams
  • Cloud first
  • Etc

For each topic, the presentation principles are simple :

  • Pattern definition
  • How web giants use the pattern
  • How can I use the pattern in my firm / department / team

They also published (still in French) a book you can buy or download.

They organised a breakfast some weeks ago to introduced their book and the topic in general, you can watch the video and/or read the minutes. Of course in French

I would strongly recommend French readers to read this serie as it shows in an easy way how traditionnal IT patterns are evolving and what we can learn from such companies.

Definitely a must read for me.