20 Dec 2012, 22:43

Lose that credit card (type) field

Another blog post on ergonomy, with a focus on this stressfull moment of invoice/billing when you need to enter your credit card number in a payment form.

What if you could reduce this stressfull moment and ease your customer's life by removing the "credit card type" field as you can guess it from his credit card number ? It's the purpose of this article : Lose the credit card field

So what you can do :

  1. Remove the credit card type field
  2. Bonus : improve user experience by displaying automatically his credit cart type as long as he types the numbers

examples with empty form :


Once you type a 4 :


Once you type 55 :


So of course it means you know the rules to identifiy a credit card type and update it when needed but this would not change every two days ; and if there is an error, remember the The 4 H’s of Writing Error Messages.

To check the numbers consistence without asking the credit card type, you may know the Luhn algorithm.