25 Dec 2012, 22:30

sitespeed.io - to evaluate your site's web performance

Merry Christmas to all :-)

The Webperf advent calendar published a few days ago : "Do you sitespeed ?", introducing the sitespeed.io product, which analysis your site in terms of webperformance, with a synthesis and a per page analysis. The tool is based on web performance best practices such a YSlow ones.

What I like over current tools like YSlow or PageSpeed :

  • it provides a global and detailed overview  ; with PageSpeed/YSlow, you need to run it in your browser againt every page you want to analyse
  • As it's static reports, you can compare them over time

In addition, rules are well described, making easy for anyone to read the reports. You do not necessary need to go on the net to understand what is indicator X or Y.

Now I can see the Bike Team to make them aware of the progress they have to make to improve user experience. Indeed, at the end webperf is about improving user experience and nothing else.

Now you know your score, you can cheat ;-)