27 Dec 2012, 22:36

Syndication (RSS, Atom, Feeds)

You may have read from time to time that "RSS Syndication is Dead" whereas I think it has never been used so much as of now but it just becomes invisible.

For those who are not familiar with syndication, rss, atom or feeds, a article in French and English explains all you have to know about them :

Articles will present :

  • Why sindication is usefull
  • How it works
  • How to consume them in your browser or mail client
  • Benefits from syndication

After the reading, you should know much more about syndication and its benefits.

Back to my first sentence, I said that syndication became invisible for users. When you use your favorite app which display the latest news from your favorite website, you will use syndication mechanism in a seamless way. You don't know you use it but in fact you do.