03 Jan 2013, 22:54

Forms - Positionning and rendering of action buttons

First of all, happy new year to all !

Today, an interesting blog post on action buttons (Submit / Save / etc) and how you should render them and where you should position them : Pattern UI - Positionnement et aspect des boutons d'action (in French)

Summary :

  • Main action should be on the right side and secondary action(s) on left side ; it's based on screen scanning mechanism
  • Main action should be rendered bigger and in a different way as other actions ; to ease your user's decision and action.

So best ergonomy should be the following one :


For non french readers :

  • Action secondaire = secondary action
  • Action principale = main action

Do you agree with this ? For people who read from Right to Left, would it be the same or the opposite ?