15 Jan 2013, 08:35

PHP 5.2 / 5.3 / 5.4

I read a reminder on the PHP support policy last week and thought it could be worth a reminder here :

  • PHP 5.2 version are no longer supported since 2 years with the release of PHP 5.2.16 on mid dec 2010 and the PHP Team to announce the end of support of PHP 5.2.x (even if PHP 5.2.17 was released in january 2011 ) It's time to consider upgrading to PHP 5.4 as soon as possible.
  • First version of PHP 5.4 was released in March 2012 and we are now on PHP 5.4.10 (released end decembre 2012)
  • I would not recommend using PHP 5.3 as first version is from end June 2009 and currently PHP 5.3.20 and most of all, PHP 5.3 support may be dropped with the coming release of PHP 5.5 (currently on alpha2 stage)

So the good resolution for 2013 is to use PHP 5.4 and nothing else, some guide to migrate :

Some may say that :

  • Their favorite OS does not provide the 5.4.x version by default - you may find them on community repositories for your favorite linux distribution and for Windows (but who does PHP on windows ?), php.net provide windows binaries.
  • Their favorie PHP libraries / CMS / ... does not support PHP 5.4 yet - it's time to pressure them or would be the only exception to stick with PHP 5.3 til PHP 5.4 is supported.

Nevertheless, a few community repositories I can recommend for gerting PHP 5.4 :

  • CentOS/RedHat/Fedora : Remi's RPMs - for Fedora, depending on the version you use, it may be already up to date.
  • Debian: DotDeb.org

[Edit 1] : Regading PHP 5.3 End Of Life, looks it would be security fixes ony (so no bug fix nor evolution) for one year once PHP 5.5 is released.

[Edit 2] : Here we are : PHP 5.5 is released (Changelog) and PHP 5.3 is no longer supported except for security bugs for 1 year.