07 Mar 2013, 21:59

Learning JQuery, the funny way

Some resources to learn JQuery :

  • CodeSchool and JQuery just launched try.jquery.com to learn JQuery in an interactive way in 2 hours as it is mentionned. On each topic, you first have a short video introducing the elements and then 5 exercices to practice on. I did the first exerices and find them pretty good. Doing the whole scope may last a little bit more than 2 hours I exepect but you can do it step by step as long as you register on CodeSchool (if you want to keep your progress)
  • In the same matter, Code Academy also have its own JQuery track ; did not try this one yet, only the Javascript one which I found quite good also to start with Javascript.

Aside this courses, if you find the JQuery API a little bit hard, you may find a better place with the JQuery Learning Center with more progressive content and detailed tutorials.