21 Mar 2013, 22:16

Which responsive images solution should you use?

In the article "Which responsive images solution should you use?", beyond the list of techniques to implement, the interest is to provide a few question you should ask yourself when implementing and depending on each case, some adapted solutions :

  • Do I have legacy content ? That is to say how to make my existing content responsive without editing it manually one by one...
  • Do I care about special markup ?
  • Do I care about semantics (and thus accessibility) ?
  • Do I care about code validity against W3C norms ?
  • Do I care about art direction (ie to what extend can I crop/alter the original image)
  • Do I care about Javascript ? (ie what happens when Javascript is disabled ?)
  • Do I care about server side components (ie should I transform images on server side or client side) ?
  • Do I care about bandwith testing (ie do I test bandwith to provide the most adapted version of the image) ?
  • Do I care on relying on 3rd party services ?

As a reminder, responsive images means to provide adapted images whatever the device you use from a smartphone, tablet, PC or TV or ...