29 May 2013, 23:03

Web Roundup - 29/5

Some links I found interesting :

  • 5 HTML5 Features you need to know :
    • DNS prefetching so that the browser will resolve DNS before you try to access resources from one of this domain (browser will keep it in its cache)
    • Link prefetching : to load in background other pages of your site to render quickly pages
    • Download attribute to force a file to download without going to the required page
    • Regular expression to validate content in the browser, no longer need javascript or server side code to validate user's content in a form
    • Datalist element to implement autocomplete without jquery or some server side actions.
  • ScreenSiz.es : to get extract sizes from popular smartphones, tablets and monitors ; even if it's not recommended to use defined size but use viewport, it may be useful in some cases.
  • Smartphone browser : localStorage is up to 5x faster than narive browser cache : where you can learn that localStorage, part of the HTML5 storage API and designed first to make data resilient, could be use to fasten your website. Control of localStorage is also easier than browsers cache which is shared with other websites, etc. There are some limitations and caveats (at the end of the article) you need to take into account but benefits seems very interesting.
  • Even it's still early alpha, Google released Polymer which is a library built on top of Web Components which is also quite new but with the idea to create its own component and the related html markup. For example, you could create a "bill" object with some attributes and the related rendering. It's more the future than anything else, but it can give you some idea on where we are going.
  • To know more about web components, from Google IO 2013, you can watch :
  • If you want to know where we are going, you can also watch from Google IO 13 : A more Awesome Web : features you have always wanted + slides ; but take care for some of them, support is at very early stage and sometimes it's more POC than anything else (position: sticky for example)
  • A funny one as last one : how to keep up to date on frontend technologies ? :-)