12 Jun 2013, 23:10

State of the Responsive Web Design (RWD)

A brilliant article on the state of RWD and its French translation ; as stated in the article :

In this article, we will look at what is currently possible, what will be possible in the future using what are not yet standardized properties (such as CSS Level 4 and HTML5 APIS), and what still needs to be improved. This article is not exhaustive, and we won’t go deep into each technique, but you’ll have enough links and knowledge to explore further by yourself.

Topics covered in article :

  • Status of the images with the issue of quality and performance,
  • The layout, ie how can we render the "same page" in different devices,
  • End of pixel based design with the use of viewports instead,
  • Typographiy,
  • Form management,
  • Table management,
  • iFrame management,
  • Video management,
  • Navigation,
  • Touch capabilities,
  • and a few others.