14 Aug 2013, 23:37

There is no mobile internet !

After this one month break, let's go back to the weekly blog post about the Web. I hope all of you enjoyed your summer break (or will soon enjoy for the latest ones)

Going back to last February, a very interesting article about the mobile internet and more precisely the fact there is no mobile internet but better should think about a One Web Experience:

  • People just use internet, whether on their PC, Smarphone, Tablet ; they don't get the mobile internet ; as said Brad Frost (mobile expert) :

    Repeat after me: mobile users will do anything and everything desktop users will do, provided it's presented in a usable way

  • 32% of users chose to see the full site on their mobile device when they can ; meaning that they want to have the same information. Often mobile site have the bad habits to hide/remove content on the mobile version. Your mobile version must be a fully adapted version of your normal site. Don't hide/remove content or your visitors will be disappointed.
  • Internet on Smartphone/mobile is not always about "on the go"  or "action oriented" as most internet access on smartphone is made from home. In your work. At work, we can also hope you are "action oriented" when you consult a site
  • It not because you  browse a site on your smartphone that you are also about the now and the here (geo-location). It's more about a mindset (I want to have information, I want to play, etc). Google back to 2007 set up a few mindsets as bored now, repetitive now, urgent now and a few other ones.

As  stated in the article :

One Web experiences are about creating communications that speak to different mindsets, not to different devices. People need to be able to find various pieces of information, and they expect that the information will be readily available whether they’re on a phone or desktop computer.

That's also the motto of the "Mobile First" approach ; the current approach "Desktop centric" was to say the full version for the desktop and a gracefull degradataion for the mobile whereas Mobile First is about a working version on the mobile device and a progressive enhancement to the desktop version. With mobile first, there is nothing (usefull) removed, opposite to the desktop centric motto.

On this topic, OCTO also just publshed (in French) an infography about Responsive Design and Mobile First which illustrates this difference (look at the 3rd item, even if you don't understand French, images are self explainatory)

So now you will try to be "device-agnostic" !