28 Aug 2013, 23:45

Web Roundup - 28/8

A few links I found interesting and would like to share with you :

  • Javascript Best Practices Part 1 and part 2 : title is self explainatory ;-)
  • The CSS/JS/HTML framework Boostrap (initiated and used by Twitter) is released in his 3rd version with a huge amount of rewrite, improvements, more mobile first oriented, etc. You can use it only if you do not plan to have people using IE7. But who still uses this prehistorical browser (execpt France ??)
  • Decoupling your HTML / CSS / Javascript code : the author shares some best practices he adopted to decouple his html / css / js code to avoid that an impact on the style breaks a javascript event and vice versa or avoid that a change in the html markup would break some JS/CSS rules. He uses prefix  (like js-*) or uses of is-* to refer to state on an event. Even if it would lead to increase the amount of code, at least regression should be avoided.
  • Remember also that id & classes were created for HTML first for itself and then were used by CSS to apply style and not the opposite ; Read this article (in French) for the full version on this.