04 Sep 2013, 09:30

Web Roundup 4/9
  • Great Responsive Web Design is a Matter of Process - Design for Content not for Devices : the web was originally fluid and adaptive until the box and table model came. A good reminder and the promotion of the best practice that you should think about content and not about devices.You have to focus on two axes :
    •  Visual design : ie not focusing on the global layout but ,on a component perspective and think on how your content will be presented.
    • Content hierarchy : your mockups will no longer be based on the layout but on the hierachy of the content ; indeed, on mobile, due to the narrower screen, you will organise your content based on their importance (most importent content on the top and the rest below)
  • An event apart : The long web : notes from a conference with a lot of best practices and food for thoughts ; a few one I would highlight :
    • Importance of the URL schema you will develop as URL is the base to access information. URL is the API of your site.
    • Mobile first is to prioritise content / tasks
    • Mobile first is content first, navigation second
    • Have a component approach from which you will build your HTML pages
    • ...
  • Javascript design patterns : where the author reminds why patterns are important and introduce each of them with an example and additional resources.
  • CSS units you should be using now : we all know the "px" and "em" units on CSS but there are a few more like "rem" and "vh"/"vw" ones. The article will remind the issue with em based approach and introduce why "rem" based approach is better. It also introdue the vh/vw units which are based on the viewport (~ size resolution) of the screen.
  • Testing your frontend javascript with mocha, chai and sinon : introduction to unit test your javascript code with the 3 tools.