30 Oct 2013, 09:30

Web Roundup - 30/10
  • A placeholder is not a label (English version | French version) : even if placeholder can looks as a substitute for labels in forms and allow you to win some space, you have to remember that once a content is filled in the column, you loose the mention and thus this item in the form has lost its context.
  • Best of both world - mixing HTML5 and native code : a long article which tries to find the "best of breeds" approcha between HTML5 and native apps with samples / best practices.
  • Responsive typography : how to learn how to make your content readable and adapted in size/height/... by adopting relative unites and not fixed ones.
  • Mobile first responsive web design : review / best practices / tools to implement a mobile first and responsive webdesign project and with the question of performance in mind
  • Breaking the 1000ms mobile bareer : from 1s, user can change his mind and is waiting for your app. So you need to go below this threshold. Slides describe the different ways to get there.