06 Nov 2013, 09:30

Web Roundup - 6/11

Keeping on frontend side to change from my current backend tasks (SSO/Kerberos, Postgresql, etc) :

  • Touch and Mouse : together again for the first time :
    • You may consider so far that your application is either used in a touch context (on a tablet) or a mouse on (on the desktop). However with the rise of Touch & Mouse devices (think Microsot Surface, ChromeBooks, etc), you will have to consider both at the same time.
    • Often developers also consider that mouse and touch events are similar, the article will show you some differences. Fortunately, with Pointer Events initiated by Microsoft, there is a standard in progress for managing both at the same time through a standardised API.
    • You can start using Pointer Events with these JS libraries : PointerEvents.js and Hand.js
  • Icon & Pictogram (in French) : a very interesting article to distinguish icons / pictograms and the right way to use them. Not as obvious as we may think first. A good pictogram = icon illustrating the right concept in the right context, being meaninful for most people with/without the associated label, etc.

  • Reminder : do not use @import to load your css files ; prefer the link notation as files would be downloaded in parralel and not one after another.
  • Still about webperf, a "latency for dummies" article to learn more about latency (what is it ? how it impacts my site ? etc.)
  • And to finish, if you want to hightlight differences between HTML4 and HTML5, there is an app a web page for that.