13 Nov 2013, 09:30

No links for this week, being quite focused on some job tasks ; however, I'm giving myself a real challenge from end November to end December which is to build an app by showing a few tools/aspects I would like to work on :
  • Yeoman / Grunt for the tooling chain
  • AngularJS for the frontend side
  • Postgres/hstore or CouchDB for storage ; not sure it's required at this step as I may load data from a csv/excel file to start with with no admin tasks (so why bother with an admin & CRUD right now ?!)
  • and a few other things maybe.

So this blog will be quite silent till end of November/early December ;-)

In the meantime, you can read "CSS maintenables avec SaaS & Compass" ; I started reading it a few days ago and it's really worth !