22 Jan 2014, 09:30

Frontend Review - 22/1

No time yet to focus on my angular app so it will be a frontend review for this week.

  • From the M6 Web Tech Team (in French) : Web performance and disaster case for mobile native applications (but not only) ; the article aims to show 2 things :
    • How they use CharlesProxy to evaluate performance of their apps and get the waterfall of the rendering of their apps.
    • How they use CharlesProxy to simulate bad network conditions (ie throttling) and even some "blackhole" to identify Single Points Of Failure (SPOF) and see also what happens when one of your hosts is down.
  • Adapting to a responsive design (case study) : make some echoes to "Frontend Ops" as they explained their move to responsive design with 5 objectives and how they achieved them :
  1. Speed : Performance affects everyone.
  2. Accessibility :It should work with no styles, backgrounds or JavaScript.
  3. Content parity : The same content and functionality should be on all platforms.
  4. Device-agnostic : Leave no platform behind.
  5. Future-friendly : Cut down on maintenance.

Basically, when an elevator fails, it's useless. When an escalator fails, it becomes stairs. We should be building escalators, not elevators.

In one word : resilience.