19 Mar 2014, 09:30

Misc - 19/3


  • Brick is a bundle of reusable UI components based on HTML5 and made by Mozilla ; you can read an introduction about it. Seems minimalist to some extend (limited in numbers even if growing) but also very powerful at a qualitative point of view.


  • If you are interested in Chef or more widely about IT automation, you can read 3 articles in French on how to run Chef from scratch and cook your first recipes.


  • PostgreSQL 9.3.3, 9.2.7, 9.1.12, 9.0.16 and 8.4.20 released! It contains fixes for multiple security issues, as well as several fixes for replication and data integrity issues. It also contains many improvements.
  • Barman seems a very powerful backup and recovery manager for Postgres. Develop by the 2nd Quadrant team which are in the main commiters on Postgres code.
  • Postgresql Studio : a web app to manage your postgres database in a Java container (tomcat, etc). Seems a modern alternative to phpPgAdmin.
  • Postgresql Exercies : to discover Postgres world and train yourself to build SQL queries.


  • Some best practices (in French) about POST vs PUT to use them correctly in your API.
  • The AngularJS team wrote a blog post about what would be in AngularJS 2.0 ; seems very promising both on the improvements part but also what they aim to ease. It's also interesting to see that they inspire from ES6 which is the next version of Javascript (not yet implemented in your browser)
  • Opquast is reviewing their best practices around mobile development til end of March, with a public review. Then final recommendation will be released. If you don't know Opquast (for Open Quality Standards), they released a lot of checklists to asses/review your site.
  • The truth about multiple h1 tags in the HTML5 era : with the change of structure allowed with html5, it's now safe to implement multiple h1 tags.
  • Wonder when/why you should use Node.js for your next project : read this article which explains the paradigm behind Node.js and where it fits best for projects.