24 Sep 2014, 09:30

Web Roundup - 24/09

Web components

I thought I spoke about them earlier but couldn't find the related post ; so nevermind. Nuxeo (Document & Media Management System) wrote two blog posts so far about how web components could enhance the way we can manage content platform :

More about Web Components.


  • Microsot to provide IE Web Driver tool for IE11 ; it aims to allow you having automated tests in IE11, simulating user interactions on web pages. Multiple windows, pages, tabs are reported supported !
  • Polyfill Service : The Financial Teams provides a polyfill as a service. Based on user agent, end user will only load in his browser the polyfill that he will require. It avoids modern browsers to load polyfill they do not require. You can also host it on your infrastructure.


  • Two articles on using Docker on production ; the first one and one of its replies. At least it shows that migrating to docker is not that easy or straight forward. You need to rethink your whole way to manage your infrastructure and the related tools when necessary.
  • You can now even use Docker on your Raspberry Pi. Not sure how much ressources are left for your docker container but there may be some use cases.

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