29 Oct 2014, 10:07

HTML5 is a W3C recommendation !

Work on HTML5 which began in 2004 under the cover of the WHATWG group and by the W3C since 2007. W3C announced yesterday that HTML5 is now published as a recommendation. Even Techcrunch mentionned it so it's really a symbolic steps beyond the Standards/Open Web community.

It also means that all your projects can use html5 as default ; for oldest browsers (<IE10 ; IE10 is safe ; IE9 may be depending on your needs ; forget IE8 and below), you may need some polyfills (javascript or css hacks libraries that simulates HTML5 expected behavior in non decent/recent browsers) to fill the gap.

You can check on HTML5Readiness or on Can I Use ... to what extend the html5 features you expect to use are supported by your targeted browsers.

There is an interesting article in French about HTML ecosystem and how it works.

Now W3C is to focus on HTML5.1 on one side but more interesting on application foundations. More detailed in this post, it's about to ease Open Web platform application development. Application foundations will cover the following aspects :


To some extend, can't wait for next release :-)