07 Jan 2015, 09:30

2014 Advent calendars, my best of

As last year, please find below my best of the different advent calendar.

24 Ways

24 jours du web (FR)

  • Day 1 : Quand Saas ne rend plus service : Author introduce the limits of SASS or for the two examples mentioned where a CSS post-processor (like PleeeaseCSS or AutoPrefixer or px_to_rem) or some grunt/gulp tasks can bring more value than CSS pre-processor (like SASS). Article also compare the best case when to use the extend syntax or a mixin.
  • Day 6 : Un guide qui a du style : introduction and thoughts about style guides which aims to collect, list and document every item of your frontend blocks and items.
  • Day 10 : Guerilla design en mode responsive et mobile : author introduce both challenges and tips on about how design, UX and prototyping change with mobile/responsive approach. Also paper is better than software for quick and efficient prototyping.
  • Day 12 : Le web mobile et la performance : a brilliant, relevant and instructing article on mobile and web performance so that you are more aware of the challegences, things to check/monitor and some solutions.
  • Day 14  : Le nouveau : best and worst practices when you welcome a new member in your team. some food for thoughts !
  • Day 15 : Design poli : some thoughts about "gentle design" which will not hurt end users by doing something he did not want (like install some extensions updates and preventing him using the app for a while or doing some crappy pop-ups and alternatives).
  • Day 16 : Un peu de programmation fonctionnelle en javascript : functional programming concepts applied to javascript to make your code better. Does not only apply to JS of course.
  • Day 19 : Le beau et l'utilisable ; because the relation between prettyness and usability is not that obvious


Performance Calendar