28 Jan 2015, 09:30

Around the Web - January 2015


  • Functions & scope in JS: a blog entry which references many JS releveant doc about function & scope in JS.
  • The "IMG" tag story :a blog post series in French about the img tag from its origins to its current and coming challenges. Very instructive and exhaustive.
  • Zurb released Foundation for apps ; it aims to ease creating fully responsive web apps and it is based on flexbox model for the grid layout and AngularJS for the SPA approch and some custom components.
  • CSS for print ; I mean no printing style sheet but for real printing like in a book context or realed printed document. Open new fields in my mind (did not know the @page and related stuff).

AngularJS, React, Flux & co

  • Isomorphic app, the perfect SPA (FR) : Single Page App (SPA) built on top of AngularJS & alike frameworks are not very good at a performance & SEO point of view. the author looks at React & Flux as a way to improve this but go further to mention isomorphic apps. By being able to use codes both from frontend and backend side, you can pregenerate the code on server side and render it then on frontend side, making it more efficient. Beyond the fact it's not very mature yet, at least there are some food for thoughts :)


  • Top/main contributors of node.js forked it for some governance issues and it's called io.js ; let's see where it can go. It states so far that it's compatible with node & npm.




  • Present and future of the flow monitoring (in French) : interesting article about flow monitoring and the need to capture a "business log" (ie a message though its whole transaction, ie across the whole system) and not per component. Tools and methodology are also mentionned.