24 Jun 2015, 09:30

Around the Web - June 2015 - Microservices & Big Data


  • A complete description of what are microservices, its challenge, etc.
  • Another well illustrated introduction to microservices.
  • Pinricples of micro-services : introduction (in french) to micro-services but slides are in english.
    • Microservices are defined as small autonomous services that work together.
    • 7 principles for microservices : Culture of automation, Hide implementation designs, Decentralise all the things, Deploy independantly, Isolate failure, Highly observable, Modelled around business domain.
  • Xebian published a series of articles on microservices (in French) : Microservices: the concepts ; Microservices : architectures and the most interesting is about pitfall and/or antipatterns of microservices.
  • Summary of Microxchg Day 1 : Microxchg was a conference about microservices. This is a summary of Day 1 with lots of insights. So I'll not sum up there.
  • Domain service aggregator: a structured approach to microservice composition (par Caoilte O’Connor) : Summury from a developer from ITV (VoD in UK) about how they rewirte part of the services using microservices and the issue they met.
  • Micro-services at BlaBlaCar : Tech team introduces the principles used to switch from a single monolithic application to microservices by using "Event sourcing", "Specialised Layers" and "Think API".
    • I found interesting the idea that data layers are not to communicate among them ; it's about the business layer to fetch and aggregate data to be autonomous.
    • Event sourcing requires a broker/messaging system ; seems a kind of new SPOF to some extend (what happens if this system is down) and also how to manage application awareness regarding messages and related behaviour.
  • Microservices – The One with Polyglot Portfolio ; a summary in French about the journey of a company from a monolythic application to microservices architecture and the challenges they met.
    • Microservices architecture "enforce" the paradigm "the right tool to do the job" but with the challenge of havingthe right skills on the long term.
    • CQRS paradigm which distinguish the way you insert/update content and the way you read it. You no longer have a single model for all your CRUD operations. Interesting but challenging also in terms of coherence.
  • Adopting Microservices at Netflix: Lessons for Architectural Design - a feedback from Netflix about their best practices regarding microservices.

Big Data

  • Summary (in French) about the Strata+Hadoop World in London back in May with two insights :
    • Seems there is a switch in the way data are provided from batch to real-time
    • Spark seems the new product of the year in the hadoop ecosystem to ease data manipulation
  • Summary of the Spark meetup in Paris (in French) which covered an "introduction" to Spark, 2 ways to use Spark for data scence purpose and last the link between search and recommendation.