26 Aug 2015, 09:30

Around the Web - August 2015 - ES6/ECMAScript 2015 & Premium Media


Welcome to ES6 In Depth! In this new weekly series, we’ll be exploring ECMAScript 6, the upcoming new edition of the JavaScript language [Note : ES6 was approved as ECMA-262, 6th Edition, ECMAScript 2015 Language Specification mid June 2015]. ES6 contains many new language features that will make JS more powerful and expressive, and we’ll visit them one by one in weeks to come. But before we start in on the details, maybe it’s worth taking a minute to talk about what ES6 is and what you can expect.

Xebia published (in French) a PDF about ES6 with a card system. Each card wil present the old and new way to code javascript and provide explainations.

Premium content

  • Streamiing media on demand with Media Sources Extensions : where you will learn how to get rid of Flash and old streaming mechanism and use new features built-in HTML5. A sample will also show you on how to prepare your video for streaming in the browsers. Media source extensions (MSE) are about adaptive bittrate streaming in order to display and brodcast video in your browsers in a smooth way.
  • Moving to HTML5 premium media : Microsoft Edge Team introduces how they plan to implement MSE in their browser, with also some samples and explainations.