30 Sep 2015, 09:30

Around the Web - September 2015 - Best Practices & Web Components


  • [CSS] Making and breaking the Web with CSS Gradients : interesting feedback on vendor prefix and evolution of syntax regarding some CSS properties (here gradients, but apply for any vendor prefixed property). Browsers can remove vendor-prefix when they want and the syntax can also change between the time it was vendor prefixed and the final syntax. Thus, it may lead to break your site. As the last years (decade ?) was a lot about vendor prefixed properties, you should review your CSS to check if your properties are still vendor-prefixed or not and if it has the right syntax. You have some tools like PostCSS or prefix-free which can help you to adjust your CSS
  • [Organisation] Blablacar share how they started builind their 2nd engineering hub in 10 steps. Even if yet too early for being evaluated, it's interesting to identify some challenges:
    • Desire of diversity vs culture adequation
    • They are not two teams ; it's a new single but extended team
    • Culture change is also to be made by "original team" to integrate new members like switch to English as default language. It's not only the new members who have to integrate in an existing organisation.
  • [Organisation] Cecil Dijoux published a series on the digital transformation (in French) but has a lot of thinkgs to say about IT, agile, devops, lean & co. There are 6 blog posts to read. You will not regret it.
  • [Operations] A collection of post-mortem split by categories ; where you can learn from failture.

Web Components

  • The state of Web Components : the article focus on how browser vendors (Apple, Google, Mozilla and Microsoft) plan to implement (or not or not yet) the different features of Web Components. The lack of agreement and the fact that Google try to enforce other to adopt its strategy (to some extended encourage by the community which expects Web components soon in their favorite browser) did not help but seems it should be implemented soon (ie a few months or years ?) in all browsers. Authors seems optimistic at the end.