28 Oct 2015, 09:30

Around the Web - October 2015 - WebAssembly and Google deprecates _escaped_framgent_ urls


Maybe with this topic I should rename the blog post as "beyond the web" due to what is or more precisely will be WebAssembly.

  • On 17th June 2015, Brendan Eich (creator of the Javascript language) announced the WebAssembly project, a common effort with Google Chromium, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Webkit and Microsoft Edge teams, to bring new low level primitives to the web — a move that will make it easier to compile projects written in languages like C & C++ to run in browsers and other JavaScript environments.
  • If you read the long interview of Brendan Eich or look at the use cases, it could mean that heavy applications can be brought into the browser (or any javascript environments) such as Games (like Electronic Arts ones, you know the big ones, really !) or Image/video editor (like Photoshop), etc. You could see your browser as a new target for games, in the same way you have a PS4, a Wi-U, etc versions.
  • WebAssembly is not about to replace Javascript, it's more about to provide a binary format (optimised, etc) than can provide low-level actions for which Javascript is not suitable. WebAssembly and Javascript are to run in the same virtual machine. It's also well describre in this article with some schema.
  • For other languages, firstly c/c++, compilers shoud allow them to build a WebAssembly binary file which will then be used into a browser.
  • Project is still at early stage but some incremental releases are to happen in 2017/2018. In the same way HTML5 was a rolling release, WebAssembly will appear progressively and polyfill will alow to start using it.

Search Engine Optimisation

  • Google deprecated its AJAX crawling scheme and thus, you no longer need to use the "_escaped_fragment_" urls trick. So Google improved the way they can render moder sites and thus index them.