11 Nov 2015, 09:30

Around the Data - November 2015 - Diving in Kafka and ELK 2.0 releases


  • A 2 part blog post serie (part 1, part 2) to learn the genese of Kafka within LinkedIn before being opensourced and hosted by the Apache foundation ; always interesting to know the first use cases the software was built for and how it became the distributing messaging system we now know. It also stand current use cases for Kafka.
  • Putting Apache Kafka to use : a practical guide to building a streaming data platform (part 1 ; part 2) : the first part is about the shift to the event based approach and the definition of a streaming data platform. The second part is about about implementation best practices.
  • A kafka presentation from MixIt event (in French), which introduces Kafka and how it is used at EDF for the "Linky" device (energy monitor)

ElasticSearch / Logstash / Kibana