25 Nov 2015, 09:30

Around the Web - November 2015 - Docker 1.9 & Microsoft Edge


As docker powers more and more website due to containerisation, I thought it was worth speaking about Docker 1.9 release.

  • Docker 1.9 is released and related products are bringing a lot of interesting features :
    • Regarding Docker by itself, I quite like the "build-time arguments for Dockerfile" to pass some arguments that will apply to your container when it runs (think about proxy & so on). There seems also to be some interesting things around distributed volume management to ease data persistence management.
    • Multi-host docker networking is ready for production : you can now create your own networks and attach containers to them. Seems more powerful than links and not limited to a given hosts (if you have a swarm cluster, your network is available over your nodes)
    • Swarm 1.0 is also released with the support of the distributed persistent storage and new networking (see above)
    • Docker Compose is now supported on Windows and can better manage environment (dev vs prod for ex). You will define a common base file for compose and aside more environment oriented files which will override the base file and give you more flexiblity about the container that will be built for a given environment.
    • Let's hope Docker Toolbox will have a better corportate proxy management even if a decent solution has been found.
    • A concrete example from RethinkDB about the switch from the old networking model to the new one.

Microsoft Edge

  • With Edge 13, new HTML5, JS, CSS features are supported.
  • Protecting Microsoft Edge against binary injection :  Edge dropped ActiveX but not only. The post review that only signed DLL will be authorised to be loaded. It may prevent third party tools to be installed which is good if malware oriented, but which may block or slow the deployment of some plugins too.