27 Apr 2016, 09:30

Web, Ops & Data - April 2016



  • Elastikube : an infrastructure management solution for Kubernetes ; seems a lighter version of Openshift.
  • Containers are not VM : Docker precise the difference between a container and a VM with the analogy between Flat and House. A houste (VM) is full featured whereas the flat share some resources with its building.
  • Docker announced Docker pour Windows/Mac (beta) ; it provides a more native experience of Docker on Mac/Windows machine. On Windows, it requires Windows 10 at least to benefit from the Hyper-V hypervisor. On this topic, the Hypriot team, in their Docker for Mac review and Docker for Windows review introduces the easter egg of this version: it's now possible to run ARM containers on OSX/Windows environments ; It will allow to build containers for Raspberry or IoT projects in a faster and easier way. I can't test it now but seems far les complex to use than Docker Toolbox.
  • Rancher, another container orchestration solution, announced first their support of Kubernetes and then the release of the version 1.0. Project to follow, even if the concept of environment may not allow an optimialistic allocation of ressources (each environment would have its own hosts) whereas Kubernets may allow this with their global namespace approach.
  • Kubernetes, the container orchestration solution (for Docker/Rocket containers), built by Google, was just released as version 1.2 with lots of improvements and especially a new GUI (for the one not at ease with CLI).
  • Kubernetes on ARM also released their 0.7 version ; an easy way to learn kubernetes on your Raspberry box. ;-) ; A rancher image is also available.
  • Docker en production : la bataille sanglante des orchestrateurs de conteneurs : To conclude, OCTO compared Docker Swarm, Kubernetes and Openshift and states Kubernetes as the current winner. From my point of view, as we can use Docker container with both solutions, it may be more intersting to use both : Docker swarm in a dev/lab oriented manner and Kubernetes more for operations. Kubernetes was initially built for ops and tries to be also developper friendy, with Docker doing the opposite.

Elasticsearch & friends

InfluxDB & Friends


  • Teleport ; A SSH gateway which allows to access to servers via SSH or HTTPS with a Web GUI.


  • VNCFail ; vous reprendrez bien un peu de non sécurité: The analysis of 4 billion IPV4 addresses from which 5 millions hosts have VPN (remote control software) opened and at the end 2.246 hosts for which you can access systems without any password. Systems as air condionnting, electricity factory, etc.