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Around the Web - February 2016 - MySQL, Docker, Security & Webapps/API

MySQLMySQL password expiration features to help you comply with PCI-DSS : available from MySQL 5.6+, you can define an expiration date and then improve your PCI-DSS compliance.DockerOfficial images are to move from Ubuntu to Alpine : main arguements are about disk space saving (and so bandwith and  […]

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Around the Web - May 2015

API Mozilla Cloud Services Team (with nice French people inside) published in French a summary of the API Days in Barcelona : best practices, tools and insights around API. Misc A day at Devoxx France (in French) : a summary from Xebia about the Devoxx France conference (Java based but not only) and  […]

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Around the Web - March 2015

Browser A review from the Internet Explorer team where they explain why and how they created "Spartan", the new rendering engine for coming new Microsoft browser Making it easier for Enterprise customers to upgrade to Internet Explorer 11 — and Windows 10 : Tips from/for sysadmin /  […]

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Around the Web - February 2015

UX The Fold manifesto : why the page fold still matters ; even if we get used to scroll, we need to be encourage to do it. Thus the fold is strategic to convince the user to make the effort to go beyond this limit ; whatever the size of the device is (RWD included). API OCTO published a quick  […]

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Paris Web 2013

I had the opportunity to attend Paris Web last week. For those who don't know Paris Web, it's a conference about webdesign, accessibility and quality, but not only/strictly and 2013 was the 8th edition, gathering 600 people in Palais Brongnart and almost 600 online too with the live. All the  […]

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Web Roundup 4/9

Great Responsive Web Design is a Matter of Process - Design for Content not for Devices : the web was originally fluid and adaptive until the box and table model came. A good reminder and the promotion of the best practice that you should think about content and not about devices.You have to focus  […]

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What if your next backend application would be only an API ?

Web site and application used to be built as following : On the server side, you had all the data, all the logic (what to display and when) and at the end, the server push the answer On the client side (ie in a browser mainly), you only have the rendering of the data and the layout  […]

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Offline first, a better (html5) user experience

Interesting blog post about offline management in web apps and why it becomes now a required feature and how to make your app "offline" compliant: Offline first, a better (html5) user experience Summary: Decouple your app from the serverMake sure client side app is not reliant on server  […]

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