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Around the Web - October 2015 - WebAssembly and Google deprecates _escaped_framgent_ urls

WebAssemblyMaybe with this topic I should rename the blog post as "beyond the web" due to what is or more precisely will be WebAssembly.On 17th June 2015, Brendan Eich (creator of the Javascript language) announced the WebAssembly project, a common effort with Google Chromium, Mozilla  […]

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Around the Web - November 2014

DNS Google public DNS (ie and is serving a third of the worldwide DNS traffic. Cloudflare published a series of articles on DNSSEC (for Secure DNS) ; very interesting if you want to know more about DNS Security and DNSSEC implementation : DNSSEC, an introduction & DNSSEC,  […]

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Content Security Policy (CSP)

On a similar topic as CORS and the same origin police I wrote some months ago, there is another initiative called Content Security Policy which is defined as follow in the Mozilla Developper Network CSP Page : Content Security Policy (CSP) is an added layer of security that helps to detect and  […]

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Browser : Opera to drop Presto in favor of Webkit

If you follow the web news, you cannot have missed this one : Opera dropped its rendering engine named "Presto" in favor Webkit. As a reminder : Opera was quite an innovative browser but never met the success they merited Opera is deeply involved in standards implementation (W3C, etc) and  […]

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