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Around the Web - February 2016 - MySQL, Docker, Security & Webapps/API

MySQLMySQL password expiration features to help you comply with PCI-DSS : available from MySQL 5.6+, you can define an expiration date and then improve your PCI-DSS compliance.DockerOfficial images are to move from Ubuntu to Alpine : main arguements are about disk space saving (and so bandwith and  […]

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Retour sur Codeurs en Seine 2015

Aujourd'hui se tenait l'édition 2015 de Codeurs en Seine ; petit résumé de la journée :Test Drive Infrastructure avec Docker (slides ; code):L'idée est d'appliqué les principes du TDD sur la partie infrastructure (versionning, tests, intégration continue, etc).Différents niveaux de tests  […]

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Docker, InfluxDB & Chronograf

Je me suis amusé à créer un Dockerfile permettant d'installer InfluxDB et Chronograf sur un socle Debian 8 64 bits en attendant de pouvoir faire l'équivalent sur mes cubietruck/raspberri en ARM.Le dockerfile est disponible et sauf erreur, vous devriez pouvoir faire suite à la publication sur le  […]

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Around the Web - April 2015

Ergonomy / User Experience The best icon is a text label : a reminder that icon must be meaningful, with some examples of do's/don'ts and at the end that a text label may be more accurate than an icon. Mobile Media queries for common devices breakpoints to relate with "Why you don't need device  […]

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Around the Web - March 2015

Browser A review from the Internet Explorer team where they explain why and how they created "Spartan", the new rendering engine for coming new Microsoft browser Making it easier for Enterprise customers to upgrade to Internet Explorer 11 — and Windows 10 : Tips from/for sysadmin /  […]

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Around the Web - February 2015

UX The Fold manifesto : why the page fold still matters ; even if we get used to scroll, we need to be encourage to do it. Thus the fold is strategic to convince the user to make the effort to go beyond this limit ; whatever the size of the device is (RWD included). API OCTO published a quick  […]

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