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Around the Web - November 2014

DNS Google public DNS (ie and is serving a third of the worldwide DNS traffic. Cloudflare published a series of articles on DNSSEC (for Secure DNS) ; very interesting if you want to know more about DNS Security and DNSSEC implementation : DNSSEC, an introduction & DNSSEC,  […]

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Static site generator

For the sailing association I am a member of, we are to build a new site. Creating the first pages, I quickly had the issue of copy/pasting html code from one file to another when I changed some common element (navigation menu, etc). Not willing to invest in a CMS at that step (not later for the  […]

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Browser Diet : How to lose weight in the browser ?

Browser Diet is an initiative to promote best practices on front end web performance. It includes so far 24 best practices on different categories : HTML Javascript CSS JQuery Images Server optimisation For each best practices, bad and good practices are introduced and a tool are suggested to  […]

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Advent calendars, 2012 version

Each year, there used to be advent calendars about web or event IT in general. 2012 is not an exception. Purpose is that each day and till Christmas, a new article related to the topic is published. Below a list of existing advent calendars : Web performance advent calendar 24ways, about web design  […]

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