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Around the Web - February 2016 - MySQL, Docker, Security & Webapps/API

MySQLMySQL password expiration features to help you comply with PCI-DSS : available from MySQL 5.6+, you can define an expiration date and then improve your PCI-DSS compliance.DockerOfficial images are to move from Ubuntu to Alpine : main arguements are about disk space saving (and so bandwith and  […]

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Around the Web - November 2014

DNS Google public DNS (ie and is serving a third of the worldwide DNS traffic. Cloudflare published a series of articles on DNSSEC (for Secure DNS) ; very interesting if you want to know more about DNS Security and DNSSEC implementation : DNSSEC, an introduction & DNSSEC,  […]

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MySQL/Postgres Roundup 18/9

On MySQL side, or should I say MariaDB one : Google swaps out MySQL, moves to MariaDB : beyond the significative reference for MariaDB and the fact that Google will sustain his effort to patch MariaDB as they did for MySQL, the question that raised for me was : how long will Percona go with MySQL ?  […]

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Database : Use the index, luke !

Disclamier : I'm not a SQL Guru, nor DBA but as I saw the document being quoted several times, it should have some revelancy. Use the index is about best practices on SQL indexations and optimisations and content is both in English and French : Use the index, luke (English) Use the index, luke  […]

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