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Around the Data - March 2016 - Kafka Connect and Streams, Hortonworks HDP 2.4, Elasticsearch cluster sizing, Spark Graph Frames, Flink 1.0

Kafka Kafka and Confluent 2.0.1 were released (bugfix release) A more detailled presentation about Kafka Connect. Confluent released a custom version of what will be in Kafka 0.10 and it's called Kafka Streams ; it aims to manipulate data within Kafka without requiring any external system  […]

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Around the Data - February 2016 - ELK, Kafka, Flink, Spark

ElasticsearchWhat's new in Elasticsearch 3.0 ; "Elasticsearch 2 [released in Oct 2015] was about stability and availability. Elasticsearch 3 is clearly about features" ; it's maybe too early to say if all the features will land in 3.0 or in 3.x and especially as it seems there no public  […]

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Around the Data - September 2015 - SQL, NoSQL, BigData and streaming

Having new activities around big-data topics from this month, I'll publish here also my findings on this topic.So the "Around the Web" edition should be still be published on every last wednesday of the month and the "Around the Data" series should be published every wednesday in  […]

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