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Web Roundup - 9/10

Responsive web design Viewport resizer, which defines itself as follow : Viewport resizer is a browser-based tool to test any website’s responsiveness. Just save the bookmarklet, go to the page you want to test, click on your created bookmarklet and check all kinds of screen resolutions of the page  […]

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There is no mobile internet !

After this one month break, let's go back to the weekly blog post about the Web. I hope all of you enjoyed your summer break (or will soon enjoy for the latest ones) Going back to last February, a very interesting article about the mobile internet and more precisely the fact there is no mobile  […]

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Auto-Forwarding carousels and accordions annoy users and reduce visibility

Jakob Nielsen just published a very interesting article on  Auto-Forwarding Carousels and Accordions Annoy Users and Reduce Visibility about carousels but also small promo boxes. Regarding promo boxes : They are considered as ads and thus are ignored by the users Being on the right side is not  […]

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Forms - Positionning and rendering of action buttons

First of all, happy new year to all ! Today, an interesting blog post on action buttons (Submit / Save / etc) and how you should render them and where you should position them : Pattern UI - Positionnement et aspect des boutons d'action (in French) Summary : Main action should be on the right side  […]

Lire la suite - to evaluate your site's web performance

Merry Christmas to all The Webperf advent calendar published a few days ago : "Do you sitespeed ?", introducing the product, which analysis your site in terms of webperformance, with a synthesis and a per page analysis. The tool is based on web performance best practices such  […]

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