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Around the Web - December 2015 - AngularJS & AMP

AngularJSPresentation of AngularJS 2 (in French) which highlights current status, improvements and the migration issue (and how to prepare it)AngularJS: the Good, the Bad and the transition to Angular 2 : tips and tricks for a project with AngularJS 1.x and the perspective of the transition to  […]

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Around the Web - May 2015

API Mozilla Cloud Services Team (with nice French people inside) published in French a summary of the API Days in Barcelona : best practices, tools and insights around API. Misc A day at Devoxx France (in French) : a summary from Xebia about the Devoxx France conference (Java based but not only) and  […]

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Around the Web - November 2014

DNS Google public DNS (ie and is serving a third of the worldwide DNS traffic. Cloudflare published a series of articles on DNSSEC (for Secure DNS) ; very interesting if you want to know more about DNS Security and DNSSEC implementation : DNSSEC, an introduction & DNSSEC,  […]

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Frontend Review - 22/1

No time yet to focus on my angular app so it will be a frontend review for this week. From the M6 Web Tech Team (in French) : Web performance and disaster case for mobile native applications (but not only) ; the article aims to show 2 things : How they use CharlesProxy to evaluate performance of  […]

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Frontend Ops

A brilliant article was published mid June 2013 under the title Front-End Ops : by itself, there is nothing new but I really like it because it makes a smart synthesis/wrap-up on some "trends" and the requirement to improve the maturity on frontend side. Below a summary with some inline  […]

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Web Roundup - 6/11

Keeping on frontend side to change from my current backend tasks (SSO/Kerberos, Postgresql, etc) : Touch and Mouse : together again for the first time :You may consider so far that your application is either used in a touch context (on a tablet) or a mouse on (on the desktop). However with the rise  […]

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Web Roundup - 30/10

A placeholder is not a label (English version | French version) : even if placeholder can looks as a substitute for labels in forms and allow you to win some space, you have to remember that once a content is filled in the column, you loose the mention and thus this item in the form has lost its  […]

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Paris Web 2013

I had the opportunity to attend Paris Web last week. For those who don't know Paris Web, it's a conference about webdesign, accessibility and quality, but not only/strictly and 2013 was the 8th edition, gathering 600 people in Palais Brongnart and almost 600 online too with the live. All the  […]

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State of the Responsive Web Design (RWD)

A brilliant article on the state of RWD and its French translation ; as stated in the article : In this article, we will look at what is currently possible, what will be possible in the future using what are not yet standardized properties (such as CSS Level 4 and HTML5 APIS), and what still needs  […]

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Is the web going faster ?

Google published "is the web going faster ?" with an impressive information : While access from desktop is only a bit faster, it is still impressive given that the size of the web pages have increased by over 56% during this period. It’s great to see access from mobile is around 30% faster  […]

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Browser Diet : How to lose weight in the browser ?

Browser Diet is an initiative to promote best practices on front end web performance. It includes so far 24 best practices on different categories : HTML Javascript CSS JQuery Images Server optimisation For each best practices, bad and good practices are introduced and a tool are suggested to  […]

Lire la suite - to evaluate your site's web performance

Merry Christmas to all The Webperf advent calendar published a few days ago : "Do you sitespeed ?", introducing the product, which analysis your site in terms of webperformance, with a synthesis and a per page analysis. The tool is based on web performance best practices such  […]

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Advent calendars, 2012 version

Each year, there used to be advent calendars about web or event IT in general. 2012 is not an exception. Purpose is that each day and till Christmas, a new article related to the topic is published. Below a list of existing advent calendars : Web performance advent calendar 24ways, about web design  […]

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