26 Nov 2014, 09:30

Around the Web - November 2014




HTML5/CSS/Responsive Web Design

  • 7 CSS Units you may not know about : rem, vh, vm, vmin, vmax, ex and ch. I did not know the two latter. Some more examples for the vh/vm and vmin/vmax.
  • About rem and em more specially, if you want to move from a fixed approach (ie pixel one) to a more fluid/adaptive one (em/rem), you should read this article  and then this one which explain the issue with pixels and the new way to manage it. You can also use em/rem for positionning content ; em/rem are not only about text.
  • 5 obsolete features in HTML5: hgroups tag, pubdate and scope attributes, command and center elements. With the good way to implement them and/or some workaround if you still need them.
  • RWD adoption 2014 : top 100/1000/10.000 sites are evaluated - from to what extend is RWD implemented to mobile site vs RWD benchmarks in terms of performance.
  • 6 technologies that will change the web platform : asm.js, paralleljs, ECMAScript 6, web components, installable webapps, CSS Grid layout
  • The state of Web Animation 2014 : Between the post-Flash area and the Web Animation API to be implemented in all browsers, a review of current challenges and polyfill to bring animations into the browsers. Comments are also worth to read to get more resources.
  • If you are interested in a book about RWD, seems the latest book from A book apart may interested you : Responsible responsive web design (related review)


Web Performance

  • M6 Tech team made a review of their participation to Velocity conf (day 1, day 2, day 3), a web performance oriented conference. Even if their synthesis is in French, related slides and video are in English. You can also find the one of 2013 (day 1, day 2, day 3)


React (Facebook)

  • React through the ages : an interesting introduction (from origin to what's coming) about React, a JS library to build user interfaces.

25 Sep 2013, 09:30

Once upton a time : Internet (a ConfsFR initiative)

First I apologise to my english readers but it would be a French resources only but which is worth being mentioned.

So the initiative ConfsFR aims to explain and make understand how internet works ; Two sessions happened since early september : the first one was about DNS and the second one about SSL/TLS and it was introduced by brilliant people on each matter. I don"t know to what extend it is accessible for novice but if you have some technical background or some knowledge about these topics, you will learn a lot.

On the site, you will find link to slides, to the video recording of the session, etc. For videos, you can see them on the dedicated channel (site is not yet updated)

If you can't attend next conference, it may be broadcasted when the event is located at "La Cantine" (co-working place in Paris). It's how I managed to watch most of the SSL/TLS session.

[Edit 1] Resources were added for :