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Around the Web - April 2015

Ergonomy / User Experience

  • The best icon is a text label : a reminder that icon must be meaningful, with some examples of do's/don'ts and at the end that a text label may be more accurate than an icon.


Over the 4 years we have slowly moved away from device specific breakpoints in favour of content specific breakpoints, i.e. adding a breakpoint when the content is no longer easy to consume (whatever the device is).



  • M6Web Tech team published an article (English version ; French version) on how they mocked a backend application while they were building the frontend one and til the backend is fianlised. Beyond the tool involved, the most important point is the "interface agreement" in which backend and frontend teams agreed on how the coming API would work and be used to avoid bad surprises as much as possible at the end.
  • A visual guide to CSS3 Flexbox properties : title is self explainatory about what it is !
  • Introduction to Service Workers : Service Worker will allow offline experiences, periodic background syncs, push notifications and other things that would normally require a native application. Atricle introduce on how service workers are working and some current limitations ; if you are not familar with Javascript promises syntax, have a look at this article "Javascript Promises".

Responsive Web Design


Virtualisation (Docker)

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Web Roundup - 30/10
  • A placeholder is not a label (English version | French version) : even if placeholder can looks as a substitute for labels in forms and allow you to win some space, you have to remember that once a content is filled in the column, you loose the mention and thus this item in the form has lost its context.
  • Best of both world - mixing HTML5 and native code : a long article which tries to find the "best of breeds" approcha between HTML5 and native apps with samples / best practices.
  • Responsive typography : how to learn how to make your content readable and adapted in size/height/... by adopting relative unites and not fixed ones.
  • Mobile first responsive web design : review / best practices / tools to implement a mobile first and responsive webdesign project and with the question of performance in mind
  • Breaking the 1000ms mobile bareer : from 1s, user can change his mind and is waiting for your app. So you need to go below this threshold. Slides describe the different ways to get there.