25 Feb 2015, 09:30

Around the Web - February 2015


  • The Fold manifesto : why the page fold still matters ; even if we get used to scroll, we need to be encourage to do it. Thus the fold is strategic to convince the user to make the effort to go beyond this limit ; whatever the size of the device is (RWD included).



  • OCTO was at DotJS and try to sum up what is the status of frontend frameworks (in French) mentionning Web Components, Isomorphic javascript (ie both in frontend and backend side) and some ideas around the announcement of the AngularJS 2.0 which generated a lot of noise.

CoreOS, Docker & co

  • Discover Docker; another blog from OCTO, about CoreOS. So if you don't know about CoreOS, Etcd and Fleet, the article is for you so that you have an overview of what is CoreOS.
  • Nuxeo made a summary of their use of CoreOS (including Fleet & Etcd), Docker and the tools they build for Nuxeo.io platform. Very interesting summary.
  • If you are interested in minimalist OS, this post on Docker blog mentions "of course" CoreOS but also Ubuntu Snappy Core (Ubuntu based) or Project Atomic (closed to RedHat/CentOS/Fedora system).

Responsive Webdesign

ReactJS, Flux


  • Making a complete polyfill for the HTML5 details element : if you were to bridge the gap by providing a feature a browser does not include, it is very interesting to see the how it is done from a methodological point of view.
  • Improve your lists with style ! Now that counters are "stylable", you can do a lot of things to improve the rendering of your lists (no more bullet points but some shiny icon ?, manage padding, etc). HAve a look at the demo (requires a modern browser)

13 Feb 2014, 12:50

Elasticsearch 1.0 - distributed & RESTful search engine

ElasticSearch (ES) is a distributed search engine, RESTful and based on the (famous) library Apache Lucene ; if you use indexation services in your application, you may already use it or Solr which is also based on Lucene.

Aside ElasticSearch, the company behind the product also release 3 other opensource products linked with ES :

  • Kibana to produce dashboard and reports from ES and more widely to interact with data in ES.
  • Logstatsh combined with ES to analyse logs & events.
  • Marvel was also just released to monitor your ES cluster.

So with the 1.0 release, a lot of things have been included in ES, which had already a lot of interesting features (Documentation).

There are also bindings for PHP, Java, Perl, Python, Ruby, Javascript ; so you should be able to integrate it with your app easily.

Xebia (French consulting company) published some blog posts on ES in last december which shows you how to start with ES :

IIplayed with it a little bit and was quite impressed by its relevance. The only "issue" was to push content trough the REST Api as binary indexation is not native but there is file system river for that.

So if you need to index/retrieve content or manipulate data, I would recommend you having a look at ElasticSearch ecosystem.

ElasticSearch is also used in Graylog² and according to a colleague, on log analysis, it would be very relevant with the use of Gralylog Extended Log Format (GELF). If someone has an experience on Graylog² vs ES/Logstash/Kibana on this, I'm interested to have their opinions !